Privacy Notice

In accordance with GDPR, this privacy notice is updated.

This site collects the information site visitors enter when they sign up for a newsletter for new book updates or send an email: email address. The email address is kept in the contact list in the inbox and in the Mail Chimp contact list used only to reply to an email or to send the requested newsletter. Visitors who requested to be on the list can be removed by unsubscribing on Mail Chimp from the newsletter or by contacting the site through the Contact Us form. Newsletter subscribers are informed in the newsletter on how to unsubscribe and have their email deleted from the site's contact list.

The external Google Analytics APP does not collect personal information but does collect visitor action information: length of visit, country of visitor, pages visited, source of access. This is a WIX site but does not use the sales/shopping feature or any login feature so data or cookies related to those or other shopping features are not collected, however cookies are implemented in every site built by Wix. View the table below to see the cookies Wix implements on Wix sites. Again, only the non-retail shopping cookies relate to this site.

The visitor data from Google Analytics and the Wix Blog visitor data if the blog feature is used in the future is used to see how many people come to the site. In particular, it's used to see if an ad, blog post or social media post brings in site visitors and to keep track of how many people are interested in the books or projects of Earnest Parc Press that this site is about. It's a site to promote books published through Earnest Parc Press and the data is used to know where to gear future marketing actions, for example to announce new books released or fun activities in a newsletter or on social media. The personal emails visitors give are only used so that the requested newsletter can be sent to them.

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